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  • The Crate Escape | Puppy Programs

    PUPPY PROGRAMS You're not just raising a puppy. You're raising the dog you want to have in the future. PUPPY PRESCHOOL PUPPY WEEK THE CANINE WAY Click on the Puppy Development Chart for a printable download A puppy's most impressionable time is between birth and 16 weeks of age. That is when they need to be exposed to as many sights, sounds, smells and stimuli as possible! But we're told to avoid dog parks, pet stores and high traffic areas until they are fully vaccinated, typically at 16 weeks, meaning we miss the critical imprinting period. Studies have now shown that dogs are more at risk of being euthanized because of behaviour problems linked to lack of socialization than they are of contracting a deadly disease before being fully vaccinated. While each option has its pros and cons, we strongly believe that providing a safe environment for Puppy Preschool is the best solution. Here is some great info about puppy socialization from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour. ​ ​ Puppy Programs - starting at only $200! Puppy Preschool Let our Canine Behaviourist guide you and your puppy through the most influential stage of your puppy's life; providing healthy and positive socialization to dogs, people and other animals. Open to all puppies age 9 weeks - 6 months. This program includes: 6 Group Classes 3 month Membership to Socials & Packwalks ​ OPEN REGISTRATION! Our 6 week curriculum runs on repeat. That means you can jump in at anytime without missing classes. ​ Click here to learn more! ​ Puppy Week Puppy Week is 7 days of immersive learning with our Canine Behaviourist and well-balanced adult dogs to show your puppy the ropes. This program includes: In-Home Care Daily Outings Basic Obedience training Play-School & Adventure Hikes ​ Give your pup a jump start on good behaviour and healthy socialization. A second puppy week is available to continue your puppy's education with foundation obedience. ​ Click here to learn more! The Canine Way The Canine Way is the course we believe every dog owner needs. We go beyond obedience and help you to understand your dog. This introductory course will teach you about canine language, culture and how your relationship dynamics affect their behaviour. Behaviour basics is a series of 6 mini-seminars. Topics include: Leadership Relationship Reset Behaviour & The Brain Leash Connection Way to Play Canine Sociality ​ Don't wait until there are problems to fix. Help your puppy become the best dog he can be from the start. Click here to learn more! View our Membership page or join The Canine Way to become part of The Crate Escape family!

  • Events Calendar | thecrateescape

    Keep up to date with our Events Calendar! All Socials, drop-ins, scheduled classes and special events will be posted here. Click on each event for additional details. Please check back regularly in case of changes. Free Event Registration Required ($) Upcoming Events TBD Behaviour Basics - Digital version / Download course Register Now Time is TBD Download course For our out of town or busy clients who aren't able to participate in Behaviour Basics live, a digital copy of our program will soon be available for purchase! Sign up here to be the first to know when it is released. TBD Pet First Aid Upcoming classes / Location is TBD Register Now Time is TBD Location is TBD Can't make it to our listed classes or you got waitlisted? Sign up here and be the first to know when new classes are posted. TBD Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid - Golden BC / Location is TBD Register Now Time is TBD Location is TBD We would love to do a class in Golden! If you're interested, please register (no cost) and we will be in touch when the class is confirmed.

  • The Crate Escape | Boarding

    LUXURY IN-HOME BOARDING Homestyle boarding with our Canine Behaviourist Voted Top 3 Best Dog Boarding in Vernon! Luxury In-Home Dog Boarding You can enjoy your vacation knowing your dog feels at home with us. Give your dog the vacation they need while you take one too! We all love a getaway, a chance to destress and recharge. But did you know that most kennels, daycares and overnight dog care facilities don't do that for your dog? They actually lead to more stress and anxiety for your dog! The chaos, constant changes and lack of structure and boundaries in most dog care facilities lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, uncertainty and anxiety for most dogs. They may have some fun and come home tired but it is like sending your child to Mexico for spring break. Our homestyle boarding experience with our Canine Behaviourist ensures that your dog has the best possible getaway. While in our care, your dog will have the structure and routine to ease their mind and set them up for a therapeutic vacation. Our days are filled with plenty of adventure, enrichment, exercise, and fun. All while maintaining and refreshing the training you work so hard to achieve. Our In-Home Boarding is exclusive to The Crate Escape members . Space is limited, please book ahead to ensure availability Request boarding here View our Membership page or email us to learn more about joining The Crate Escape family!

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