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Structured Daycare specializing in RBBM, behaviour and healthy socialization

vernon doggy daycare

Next level doggy daycare

Dog School Daycare
Please note: The Canine Way Foundation Program is a pre-requisite to our daycare program.

Our daycare isn't just for those who have busy schedules and need a helping hand with their dog.

Our daycare is for anyone who wants to give their dog the opportunity to learn exceptional social skills.
While we want your dog to have fun and get lots of exercise while in our care, those two things are just a by-product of our day.
The priority of our Dog School days is to build a pro-social mindset, healthy behaviours and healthy social interactions in our attending dogs.

With our team of staff specializing in RBBM training and canine behaviour, you can rest assured that your dog is have a fun filled day of learning and development.

Our Daycare is exclusive to The Crate Escape members.

Space is limited, please book ahead to ensure availability


View our Membership page or email us to learn more about joining The Crate Escape family!

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