Why a membership program?

We've always known we are a bit different than the other dog services in our area. 
We bring dogs directly into our homes with our families instead of kenneling.
We allow dogs to have off-leash freedom on pack hikes.
And we believe in teaching humans how to connect with their dogs by learning about their language and using communication first instead of control.

These things make our clients a very special group of dogs and people, and we want to recognize them as such.  

The membership program also ensures that we are carefully selecting the dogs that get the freedoms and privileges of in-home boarding and off-leash hiking.

What is included in the membership?

Some of our services are directly included in the member while other services are add-ons that are available exclusively to members.
Included in your membership are Pack Walks and socialization classes (Socials). 
Additional services available to members include In-home Boarding & Adventure Hikes.

Plus special event discounts, including 10% off our Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Course.  Many of our special events are open to both members and the public but we want to sweeten the pot for you.

Is training included in the membership?

No, training programs are not included in the membership, although Socials & Pack Walks are training refreshers and great opportunities to ask training questions.   
A 1-year membership is issued to participants of our Behaviour Basics & Rover Rehab training programs.
Memberships are not included with Puppy Preschool.  

If you are already a member and choose to enroll in training, you will be discounted the price of your membership.

How do I become a member?

Past clients: Dogs who have previously boarded with us or have been a part of our Adventure Hike packs are invited to join our membership club immediately, or by September 1st.
If we have not seen your dog in the last year, he or she may will be required to complete a behaviour evaluation*. 
*At the discretion of The Crate Escape staff.  Please talk to us to discuss whether or not your dog needs to be evaluated.

New Clients: There are two ways to gain access to our Membership program.
1 - Join a training program, Behaviour Basics or Rover Rehab
2 - Behaviour Evaluation; if you already have a fantastic dog who does not need training but you would like to have them join our activities, we have a Behaviour Evaluation that they must successfully complete before you are eligible for a membership.

What does a Behaviour Evaluation entail?

Behaviour Evaluations are needed for new dogs who have not completed our training programs but would like to join our activities.

Because our boarding is directly in our homes with our staff and their families, and adventures hikes are off-leash, it is important that we ensure good behaviour, appropriate social interactions and basic obedience.

A behaviour evaluation is 24 hours spent with our trainer.  During this 24 hours, your dog will go on an Adventure Hike, have a night of boarding and have plenty of time with our pack, giving us a good opportunity and a variety of scenarios to make sure your dog is a good fit.

What will be tested?
-Basic Obedience and ability to follow instructions.
-Threshold Manners; doors, gates, vehicles.  This is exceptionally important for all dogs safety during Adventure Hikes and In-Home Boarding.
-Social type
-Politeness towards humans; begging, jumping, pushing, ability to be around children
-Politeness towards other dogs; respectfulness of space and belongings, appropriate interactions & play, understanding social cues
-And more...

At the end of their evaluation, we will have a report card ready for you and we will spend up to an hour with you to go over it.
We do not expect perfection from your dog.  We just need to make sure they meet our standards to ensure the safety of our current packs and other boarding dogs.  
All dogs will have areas of strength and areas of weakness and that's ok!  We're happy to help your pup learn and grow through our pack activities.

If you think your dog is ready to pass the test, email us today to set up their evaluation!
**Discounted behaviour evaluation available for dogs who are not eligible for our Adventure Hike services, such as toy breeds, senior and/or dogs with chronic injuries or illness.


What if I have multiple dogs?

Each dog requires their own membership.

If you are joining for our activities, each dog will need their own membership.

If you are enrolling in a training program, one membership will be included and any additional dogs that you would like to bring to events will need their own membership*
*Additional dogs may require a Behaviour Evaluation at the discretion of The Crate Escape staff.


What is the cost of a membership?

The membership fee is $150/dog and is active for one year from the date of purchase.  You will receive a renewal notice before expiry.

Inquire about your membership today!
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