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Vanessa & Emily

About us

The Crate Escape team is passionate about dogs and their well-being!

At The Crate Escape Dog Adventures, we are all trained in the RBBM method, Relationship Based Behaviour Modification from the Canine-Human Relationship Institute
This means that we have studied the language and culture of dogs and we use that understanding on a daily basis to interact with the dogs in our care.  By having a higher level knowledge and understanding of our dogs and their behaviours, we are better able to communicate, build relationships and train with them.

We offer dog training and behaviour modification programs, dog school (daycare), in-home boarding & daily adventure hikes with pick-up/drop-off services. But more importantly, we offer a safe and fun environment for dogs to exercise, socialize and learn.

We believe in building relationships with dogs through fun adventures, training and play.  By studying the canine language and behaviour, we are able to connect and communicate in a way that both human and dog can understand. 

We are also passionate about continuing education.  Every year, we make it a priority to attend a seminar or training program as a team.

**We are insured and are Canine First Aid certified**

About Vanessa - Owner/Canine Behaviourist 



Vanessa has always loved dogs, and couldn't wait to get a dog of her own when she moved away from home. When she adopted her first dog Roxy, she quickly realized she had a lot to learn.  Roxy came with behavioural and aggression issues and that was the beginning of Vanessa's dog training journey.  

Vanessa's passion for teaching started at a young age, working in summer camps, teaching swimming lessons and attending university in an Education program.  During this time, she was rehabilitating Roxy and fostering rescue dogs which led her to the world of professional dog training.  Vanessa spent a couple of years working for a professional dog training company,  where she was able to develop her obedience training skills before opening The Crate Escape Dog Adventures in July of 2014.

In 2017, Vanessa took her first Relationship Based Behaviour Modification (RBBM) course with Nelson Hodges of the Canine-Human Relationship Institute (CHRI) and it was life changing.  Realizing that dogs are in constant communication with each other and with us, but not knowing the details of their language, Vanessa further pursued her education with the CHRI.  Learning that we can communicate with our dogs without the use of obedience opened her eyes and mind to the use of canine communication and behaviour modification.   Over the last few years of study and practice, Vanessa's dog training journey has flourished through experience with her daily packs, learning to read and understand the dogs language and behaviour.  If we are ready to listen, dogs really are the best teachers. 

After completing the foundation Canine Behaviourist training with the CHRI, she has continued with her education and has moved forward into the CHRI Instructor's program, preparing to offer a higher level of training to other dog trainers and canine professionals.

In addition to learning directly from the dogs and Nelson Hodges, she believes in continuing education by learning from other well respected professional trainers.  

Vanessa is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP #7079) and holds a variety of certifications from different styles of training programs.
•Mentorship Program 
•Dogsafe Pet First Aid certified
•Clicker Training with Sarah Fulcher (
•E-collar Training with Ted Efthymiadis (
•E-collar  & Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation Training with Cheryl Ross (
•IACP conference
•Relationship Based Behaviour Modification with Nelson Hodges (
•Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Certified
•IACP Conference (
•Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation program with Cheryl Ross (
•Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Instructor
•Dogmanship & Socialization with Chad Mackin (

•Play as the Way with Jay Jack (
•RBBM Course 2 with Nelson Hodges (

RBBM Course 3 with Nelson Hodges (

RBBM Instructor Course 4 with Nelson Hodges (

RBBM Instructor Course 5 with Nelson Hodges (



Vanessa Robert and one of her dog groups, training and hiking.
Vanessa Robert, dog trainer and owner of The Crate Escape with her dogs

"Life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner"

Vanessa and her dogs, Spice (left) & Roxy (right)

Vanessa and her Tuesday crew

About Carmin

Carmin has always been an animal lover and has worked in an animal clinic most of her adult life.
In her spare time she loves to go hiking with her best buds, Cabella and Luck.

Carmin, foster pup Atlas & Cabella


About Emily




Emily graduated the Veterinary Technology program at St.Lawrence College (Kingston, Ontario) in 2012.  After graduating, she moved to BC and has been working in veterinary medicine ever since.  

Her interests outside of veterinary medicine include hiking, biking and snowboarding.  She lives with her two cats, Buffy and Missy, and her Bernese Mountain Dog, Jackson. 

Emily has been with our team for 4 years and while she is currently not hiking with The Crate Escape Team, she will always be a valued member of this family. 

"A dog is the only thing that loves you more than he loves himself"

Emily Salmon, dog adventure leader at The Crate Escape with her dog Jackson

Emily and Jackson

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