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Our Training Philosophy

The Crate Escape believes in creating happy, healthy relationships between dogs and humans, through the use of canine communication, leadership, boundaries and structure.  This may sound a little vague but it's very much like therapy.  There is no magic formula or specific method to help you and your dog.  It's about learning how to communicate together, learning how to cooperate together and learning how to consider your dogs state of mind and helping them transition to a healthier one.
We love training dogs and we love coaching people!  More importantly than having us train your dog, we want to give you the tools and knowledge to be a part of that process, which will ensure long term success. 


Our programs and follow-up classes will help you communicate with your dog, help you strengthen your relationship and will help you shape your dog into the best friend you hoped for when you got him/her.  Continue your learning and building your relationship with your dog with our drop-ins and socials.  
Training your dog is like bringing your vehicle to a mechanic.  They get everything in good working order but if you don't do regular maintenance, things will start to deteriorate.  


We believe that dog training is much more than weekly classes,
dog training is a lifestyle.

Private Training · Socialization · Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation · Board & Train
Puppy Classes · Dog Socials · Drop-In Classes 
We also offer Canine Swimming lessons and SUP with a Pup (Paddleboarding)lessons.
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