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Your dogs behaviour isn't only affecting their lifestyle. 
It's affecting yours!


You're not just raising a puppy, you are raising the dog you want to have in the future

No need to wait for a new start date.  Class runs continuously and you can join as soon as you get your puppy.  

A puppies most impressionable time is between birth and 16 weeks of age. That is when they need to be exposed to as many sights, sounds, smells and stimuli as possible! But we're told to avoid dog parks, pet stores and high traffic areas until they are fully vaccinated, typically at 16 weeks, meaning we miss the critical imprinting period.
Studies have now shown that dogs are more at risk of being euthanized because of behaviour problems linked to lack of socialization than they are of contracting a deadly disease before being fully vaccinated. While each option has it's pros and cons, we strongly believe that providing a safe environment for puppies socialization is the best solution.
To ensure the safety of the puppies in the group, all puppies must be up to date on their vaccines (8-12-16 weeks) but are not required to be fully vaccinated.
Class is open to puppies 8 weeks - 5 months.

Puppy Preschool is full of socialization, fun activities, sensory games, relationship building exercises, house training tips, and a little bit of basic obedience +PLUS virtual training.   

Here is some great info about puppy socialization from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour.

Classes run every Wednesday night from 5:45-6:45pm.

Cost is $275+tax for 6 classes, open registration (You can join at any time! No start or end date, the class just keeps on going.)


Behaviour Programs

Obedience is a form of control when we aren't sure how to communicate, let us help you reconnect with your dog.

We all have this dream that when we get a dog we will have this harmonious lifestyle together.  We can just hang out together, adventure together and that they will be the perfect fit for our family.

Maybe that's not how things turned out...

That's when we usually turn to obedience classes to learn how to control our dogs behaviour.

At The Crate Escape, we believe that obedience is simply just that, control.  We aren't saying that having control of your dog is a bad thing, it's not.  But we know that you want a dog that can just BE!  Not a dog that needs a sit, down or heel command.

Contact us to learn more about the lifestyle you always dreamed of.

*Next group starting May 1st, 2019*

Rover Rehab

Your dog isn't giving you a hard time, your dog is having a hard time.

The truth is that aggression isn't just a bad behaviour.  Aggression is an addiction. 

Addiction is a disease of brain reward, motivation and memory. It affects neurotransmission and interactions within the reward structures of the brain. 

It makes sense that all of the obedience training you've already done with your dog hasn't improved his aggression troubles.  You probably have a dog who can hold a Down-Stay command like a champ, but as soon as he sees another dog, he loses his mind. You're left feeling frustrated and confused. You've tried everything!  Why is he still doing this?  WHY.

Meanwhile your dog is feeling proud of himself. That happy tail is wagging, his sweet ears are perked up and he has a goofy grin on his face. 

The brain is pattern seeking and when he blew up at the dog walking past the house, he completed a pattern that has been established in his brain. Now that the pattern was completed, there was a release of dopamine and he is on a high, until he realizes how mad you are. 

BUT, no matter now mad you get, no matter what type of reward you offer or what type of punishment you give, his brain still needs to complete that pattern. That pattern is what makes aggression an addiction.

The good news is addictions can be treated.  Did you notice that we said treated and not cured?  
That's because there is no 28-day cure for addictions. There is no cure.
Rehabilitation is the process of getting the problem under control. After rehab, lifelong management, maintenance and treatment are still necessary.

How does this relate to you and your dog?  

Rover Rehab is a year long program involving integrated canine behaviour therapy. 

Just like rehab for an alcoholic does not involve sending them to a bar and then punishing them for taking a drink, rehab for a dog is not about punishing their mistakes either (yes, their mistakes will be addressed but simply punishing them won't resolve the problem.)

Rehab is about providing a healthy environment that will allow the brain to create new thought patterns and build new neuropathways.  It's a safe place to therapeutically work through problems and triggers and to learn a new skill set.

Do you feel like home is rehab for your dog or is it the neigbourhood pub where your dog makes poor decisions?

Rover Rehab gives you the ability to turn your home into the rehab your dog needs AND gives you the knowledge, skills and tools to be the therapist for your dog, to be the best you can be for your dog.

Talk to us today to learn more about Rover Rehab.

Here is just a little more information about addictions in people.  It has some great information that you will find relevant to your dog.

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