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Your dogs behaviour isn't only affecting their lifestyle. 
It's affecting yours!

*Have you stopped having friends and family visit because of how your dog behaves?

*Do you wish you could take your dog with you to social activities?
*Do you just want to live in harmony and enjoy life with your dog?

When our dogs are poorly behaved, it impacts our daily lives in ways we never expected.

And you are not alone!

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Start training today with our FREE

DIY Wellness Plan for Behaviour Modification 

Obedience is a form of control when we are not sure how to communicate, when we are disconnected in some way.  Yes, obedience is an important life skill for a dog, but we don’t teach it until we have taught communication first.  Obedience is the equivalent of academics for people.  We don’t judge the quality of a person on their academic achievements, we look at what kind of person they are. 
Are they kind and compassionate or are they mean and hurtful?
Do they communicate well or are they short and/or abrasive?
Are they patient and understanding or are they rude and pushy?
Do they do things for the benefit of their families and community or are they self-centered?
We judge our dogs on a similar set of principles.

We do not teach obedience-only training programs.

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Check out our Temperament Assessment Chart
to see where your dog is at today

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Follow the links to learn more about our training


Behaviour Basics

Behaviour Basics is the course we believe every dog owner needs.  We go beyond obedience and help you to understand your dog.  This introductory course will teach you about canine language, culture and how your relationship dynamics affect their behaviour.

Behaviour basics is a series of 5 mini-seminars.  Topics include:

  • Leadership & Lifestyle

  • Behaviour & The Brain

  • Leash Connection

  • Way to Play

  • Canine Sociality

New programs begin each month! 


Complete Canine

Complete Canine is a Behaviour Basics upgrade.   
With 6 hours of 1-on-1 time with our Canine Behaviourist, you'll get the personalized help you need to put your Behaviour Basics knowledge into practice.
This program includes:

  • Behaviour Basics


  • Dinner & Dogs - a 3 hr in-home behaviour analysis and instruction

  • 3x 1hr private training sessions

  • 6 month Membership to Group Classes, Socials and Packwalks


Rover Rehab

Not just for aggressive dogs, rehabilitation is for any dog struggling to overcome problem behaviours.  From anxiety to aggression and everything in between, our rehabilitation program will take everything learnt through Complete Canine and will further integrate it into real life.

This program includes:

  • Behaviour Basics
    Complete Canine


  • 3 additional 1hr private training sessions

  • 2 Week Board & Train

  • 1 Year Membership to Group Classes, Socials and Packwalks

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