"Everyone thinks they have the best dog,
None of them are wrong"


Voted Top 3 Best Dog Boarding in Vernon!

In-Home Boarding
You can enjoy your vacation knowing your dog feels at home with us.  

We offer a kennel-free boarding experience. A home away from home.

At The Crate Escape, "Behaviour Basics" are important to us to maintain a healthy and structured environment that set dogs up for a life-time of success.  Because of this, we typically only accept boarding clients that have completed our training.  It's not that your dog isn't great, he probably is!  We do this because our clients who are currently in training programs need an appropriate boarding option that won't cause disruptions to their dogs training.

We also know that there are plenty of great dogs out there who already meet our standards without requiring training and that could be your dog, so we would be happy to have him for a trial run.  

Space is limited, please book ahead to ensure availability

Existing Clients

If you are new to The Crate Escape, please contact us here and we will be in touch in the next 72 hours

We are grateful to have City Sniffers to help us out!
Because we are not a staffed facility, the dogs are alone when we are away from the home.
 If we need to be away for an extended period of time, City Sniffers does check-ins on the dogs.
City Sniffers is also be available for hire if you would like for your dog to have additional leash walks or
playtime on the days your dog is unable to join Adventure Hikes.