Relationship Based Training
& Behaviour Modification



The Crate Escape is your relationship coach for you and your dog.  If you're here right now, you either have a new dog and want to create the best life possible for yourselves, or you and your dog have been together for a while and you're not entirely happy with the way things are going.  

Either way, you're here because you love your dog and we are excited to help you achieve the lifestyle you've dreamt of for you and your dog.






Obedience is a way to regain control when we feel like we are in chaos with our dog.  It is useful for teaching tasks and even for fun bonding activities like tricks and agility.  But obedience is the instructions of what to do, it is not answer WHY you'd like for your dog to follow your instructions.   So if you have a dog that seems to be defiant, we have the answers for you!

We teach more than obedience, we teach communication which helps your dog to understand the why & how to behave when free from command or as we say, at liberty.

Using obedience to teaching a dog to stay on his dog bed while we eat dinner makes obedience a handy tool to have.  But what we really want is a dog who simply doesn't beg and minds his own business while we eat.  One who doesn't need to be in command or micro-managed.  What we really want is a dog who is well-behaved!  Being well-trained is just a bonus. 

Relationship-based training focuses on the dynamics of understanding, language and trust between human and dog and how that affects behaviour.   We help you learn to trust your dog again and your dog will learn to trust you in a whole new way!


Once we do that, the opportunities of what you and your dog can do together are endless!

Download our FREE DIY Wellness Plan to learn more about our philosophy and how we can help you and your dog!

We focus on teaching you the skills that you will need
to be the leader your dog is looking for.

Dog training is much more than weekly classes,
it is about relationships & lifestyle.

Our goal is to help your dog learn new behaviours, 
not just obedience skills

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