Take a Hike!

One of the perks of being a Crate Escape member!

Adventure Hikes

Adventure Hikes are a great alternative to doggy daycare and dog walking, with an emphasis on exercise and training.  
The benefits of Adventure Hikes include:

*A fun filled day for your dog: while you are at work, are away from home or just because you love your dog and want them to have good things!

*Healthy socialization: not all socialization is health and proper socialization is so much more than just play.  It includes appropriate communication, understanding and using social cues for communication, respectful boundaries and more.  The dogs on our Adventure Hikes learn and practice healthy social interactions throughout their day with us

*Obedience: Because we have no physical boundaries, we practice obedience to ensure a fun and safe day. 

*Physical freedom: freedom to run, jump, play, hike, sniff and explore. No pesky walls to slow down the zoomies. 

*Mental freedom: Most of the scuffles that happen in daycare are not caused by bad or aggressive dogs. They are usually caused by nervous or stressed dogs who feel they have no option between fight or flight. Because daycare space is often limited, many dogs feel "trapped" when their space is invaded by another dog and the end result is a fight. Because we have endless space, dogs feel that they do have a choice and are able to walk away when they feel uncomfortable. For that reason, adventure hikes are the perfect alternative for dogs who enjoy other dogs company but may not have been happy in kennels or daycare. 

*Choices!  While our training does involve the boring old obedience skills of Sit, Down, and Come, it goes far beyond that.  We believe in teaching each dog to make good and safe choices for themselves. We teach them manners, how to control their impulses, and how to control their emotions.  

Our hikes include pick-up and drop-off within the Vernon area.  Meeting areas can be arrange for clients outside of the pick-up and drop-off zones.  

Our hikes are primarily off leash which does require a higher level of obedience & good manners.  Is your dog ready to be an adventure hiker?

Adventure Hikes are an exclusive option for Crate Escape members.  Click here to learn more about our memberships.

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Regular Hike

These are fun filled, 3+ hour long hikes to tire your dog out.  There are plenty of sights, sounds and smells to keep your dog mentally stimulated and plenty of other dogs to play with.  Not all dogs are playful and for those who aren't, they usually trot along and do their own thing, sniffing and exploring.   During the warmer months, we always hike to a water source to re-hydrate, cool off and sometimes go for a swim.  In the winter, there is plenty of snow to play in.  The Okanagan offers us so many beautiful places to play outside, there is no shortage of fun adventures for the dogs.  

Light Hike

These hikes are designed specifically for the pooch who still has spunk but needs to take it easy. Puppies under a year old, senior dogs, dogs who have joint troubles and post injury dogs can take advantage of our Light Hike option, available on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

Light hikes are approximately 1.5-2 hours long and are taken at a much lighter pace than regular hikes.  We take easy trails, stay on flatter terrain and whenever possible, we find a lake or pond for swimming. 

"I once had a young dog, full of life and energy, who wanted to spend her days exploring but struggled with severe joint pain.  While one of my dogs got to go on hikes and daily adventures, the other was often left at home to prevent the tenderness that would follow after a full day out.  When I started The Crate Escape, I felt that is was important to offer an alternative for the dogs who want to hike but need an easier day."  ~Vanessa

Rates  include GST  (Effective September 1st, punch pass discounts will be eliminated.  Punch Passes will still be available at regular rate.  $300/10X Light Hike, $350/10X Regular Hike , $325/10X Combo Pass )

Light Hike                                             $30/each or $270/10X  Punch Pass 

Regular Hike                                         $35/each or $315/10X Punch Pass

Light & Regular Combo Pass             $290/10X Punch Pass

2 Dog Family Rates           (Effective September 1st, punch pass discounts will be eliminated.  2 Dog Discount will still be applied.    $500/10X Light Hike, $600/10X Regular Hike )  

Light Hike                                              $50 or $475/10X Punch Pass   

Regular Hike                                          $60 or $575/10X Punch Pass


To get on the waitlist, please click on the button below to create an account with us.  Once you have updated both your information and your dogs information, please go to "Request Group Training" and select Hiking Waitlist.  We know, it sounds funny but it's the loop hole we found within our program to create a waitlist.  

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